House moving usually involves moving furniture. From fragile items and small knick-knacks to big couches and robust furniture pieces, home relocation revolves around moving each item deftly. And if you have invested in a pool table or piano, moving them would be quite a task. Understandably failure to pack and move them without apt protection may damage them beyond repair.


Here are some safe ideas to move your furniture pieces:

Provide Adequate Protection: The bottom-line of furniture packing is to adequately wrap and cover the furniture so that it is well protected against the jerks and jolts of moving. This can be done by using old clothes, blankets and towels or by using specialized packing supplies like paper, bubble wrap, plastic covers, etc. As professional packers and movers, we are equipped with the best supplies and have the required experience and knowledge to pack each furniture piece with competence.

Disassemble: Depending upon the size and type of furniture piece, the item can be disassembled before moving or can be moved as original. However, in both cases a certain set of packing and moving instructions need to be followed. If furniture pieces have to be dismantled, then labeling and numbering of each part is crucial. On the other hand, if furniture items are to be moved ‘intact’ then taking measurements of the furniture and doorways is important. Furniture movers are aware of all such requirements and work skillfully to deliver optimum results.

Label Well: Each item that needs to be moved should be aptly packed and placed in the boxes. The boxes thereafter should be labeled well and clearly to avoid botheration at the time of unpacking.

Loading and Unloading Furniture: Loading and unloading furniture is one task that requires both skill and effort. While at times picking and moving a furniture piece is paramount, at other instances dragging and sliding them is required. As experienced professionals we have the knowledge about the right practice required to move different furniture items. Our wide range of removal gear includes slides, ramps and ropes which assist in moving and securely placing things in position.

Protecting furniture items during relocation is not a tough job but it requires outclass skill and competence to execute it flawlessly. At Bull18 Movers Auckland, we assist you in moving furniture items deftly to and from Auckland. Get in touch with us at +64 99749580 for experienced advice and execution.