Whether you’re moving across the street or getting ready to change city; house moving is always a big event for everyone involved. For many, the trickiest and most debilitating part of the move is the move itself! Planning, packing and moving; every phase of moving is demanding. But by pre-planning every phase of the move one can make the moving day less eventful and stressful. Here’s how you can pre-plan for an effective move:

Chalk out the entire plan – Before actually getting down to take up the nitty-gritty’s of moving work out the entire moving plan on paper. Talk to your removalists in Auckland and pen down the needs and requirements of the move at length. At Bull18 Movers Auckland, we offer the most comprehensive moving services at the best-in-market rates.


Give yourself plenty of time – Unless of course it’s an urgent move, do not rush through the moving process. Give yourself plenty of time before moving. Hurrying through the moving process not just increases the risk of damage to goods but also mounts stress. A well planned move with sufficient time on hand also gives you an opportunity to negotiate with the removal company.

Prepare your Stuff – Pre-planning also gives you sufficient time to prepare your stuff before the move. Gadgets, appliances, furniture and more – professional removalists in Auckland will pack each item according to its nature, ensuring the best protection during the move.

Forward Looking Packing – Packing household belongings is not just about keeping the items in a box and moving them to the new location. The packing should be intelligent and forward looking. This will allow you to relax before getting down to unpacking right away. Unpack only the basic essentials and enjoy your new home!

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