Moving wardrobes forms an important aspect of house removalists services. Although clothes are not breakable or fragile and require no disassembly or special permits to carry and move, they still need to be packed and moved carefully.  Stuffing and dumping them in suitcases and duffel bags will damage your pretty pieces.



Here are a few tips and suggestions that will help you move your wardrobe in the most organized manner and with utmost care:

  • Pile Up and Sort Your Clothes: The first and foremost step is to lay out your clothes and sort them carefully. Segregate between what you wear and what is outdated, under sized and worn out. There is no reason why you should spend time, effort and resources to move clothes that you’ll never wear.
  • Keep Immediate Use Items Separately: Once you’ve discarded the old and worn out items, make a separate pile for clothes that you would need immediately. Keep a small bag with a few changes of clothes for the first few days after you move. Don’t forget to keep towel, undergarments and socks handy.
  • Fold Them Neatly and Tightly: As clothing takes ample space, it’s important to fold them neatly and tightly to fit in as many as possible. Folding them inside out will take care of the creases when you unpack them.
  • Make Small Boxes: The weight of the clothes is normally underestimated. It is a good idea to put them is small boxes rather than one big carton. You should also pack summer and winter clothing separately. This will help you unpack one box at a time.
  • Use Vacuum Sealed Bags for Hanging Clothes: You might have a few pieces that remain best in shape when hanged. Do not fold these pieces. Instead, cut a hole in garbage bags and slide the hanger through. Thereafter, vacuum seal the bag. Hang this unit in the removal truck, simple!


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