Moving and relocation have always been a challenging and demanding task. Packing and loading stuff to move them to a new location is indeed stressful. And there’s nothing quite like seeing all your prized possessions stuffed in boxes and dumped into a truck. After all, you’ve spent a fortune to amass your belongings.


As the truck gets onto the road to cover its distance to finally reach the destination, a part of you is still and senseless. Obviously wondering, whether you’ll be able to see your stuff again and, if so, in what shape?
But with the advent of transit insurance, the stress and anxiety have been alleviated a bit. Professional home and office movers in Auckland provide an insurance cover that will help protect and cover you movables. In case of damage and loss, the client is reimbursed in part or full, depending upon the cover selected.
To be honest, accidents can happen even to the most careful and cautious people and moving companies. And safety never hurts!

Here’s a broad assessment of the types of transit insurance covers available in the market:

Basic Cover: While local moves can be undertaken even without cover, out-of-state moves require transit insurance cover under the federal regulatory requirements. Depending upon the truckload, an approximate value is reimbursed in case of loss or damage to belongings during transit.
While the ‘basic cover’ method can prove helpful for heavy and bulky items, small, featherlike and expensive items face the brunt as the compensation is corresponding to per pound of weight. For such clients this ‘approximate value’ can be way too less than the actual value of the item lost. Thus, for such cases the comprehensive insurance cover comes into picture.

Comprehensive Insurance Cover: Unlike the basic cover, the comprehensive insurance cover also known as full value protection takes into account the value of the item and not its weight. A percentage of the current value (actual value – depreciation) is charged as insurance fees. In case of damage or loss, the full current value of the item is reimbursed to the client.

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