Are you planning to relocate? Following are few tips, which will help you to pack your stuff safely.

Note down the details of shipment:

Take a note of your delivery batch registration number, and carry with you. If it is necessary, you can call to your mover with issues/questions about the staff.

Carry your phone book/ address details of your new location, you may need it to make calls for somebody else, because you are new to that location.

Give some one’s number (who is staying at new residency) to the shipment, so, if you are unable to reach on time, which will help them as an alternate to find out the location.

Pack all emergency belongings in one box:

Estimate the time when you will reach at your new location, and based on that time pack up all necessary things in one box with a mark, which you can easily identify to unpack it. It reduces your search time. And it’s become easier to get ready at your new place.

Soaps, toilet paper, telephone, flashlight, screwdriver, snacks, paper plates and cups, emergency utensils, like pans, cleaning stuff, paper towels, which is very necessary at the time of arrival at your new home. Pack the plates in vertical. Pack all these kind of stuff in one box and inform the staff to load it last, so, that it becomes easy to unload it first.

Packing tips:

Pack heavy items in small boxes and light weight items in large boxes, so that it’s become easier to carry, load, and unload. And remove the bulbs while packing lamps.

How to keep Fridge:

Clean it thoroughly and make it dry inside. To avoid bad smell put some baking soda, or handful fresh coffee.

How to pack memories:

Any gifts which you have received, like framed photos, arts, etc. If it is too delicate, carry it within the car, otherwise place some protection between them and pack it. If they are albums and records, it should be packed vertically, instead of pacing flat.